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Total Solution for Resorts & Serviced Furnished Apartments’ INTERNET Website.
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What is “BOOK-NOW R&FA
BOOK-NOW R&FA” is designed for resorts and serviced furnished apartments ready to offer accommodation and receive reservations over their website with direct payment via credit card. “BOOK-NOW R&FA” enables resorts and serviced furnished apartments to present its available units and accept bookings ONLINE over its Website. “BOOK-NOW R&FA” is designed to streamline products offering and booking, making the availability checking and booking process simple and easy to Internet users, while reducing administrative costs.

All transactions done through any of the BOOK NOW line of products are instantly recorded with our (INTEGRATED BACK-OFFICE SYSTEMS).

Product features
BOOK-NOW R&FA” does NOT require special technical skills nor special hardware or large budgets.

System Content:
Accommodations, with different unit types, units occupancy, availability per period for each unit type, pricing per season and occupancy for each unit type, and policies.

System features:
Offers services defined / built on your resorts and serviced furnished apartments System to your own website, with online financial settlement services.
Bookings and Requests received are confirmed either by FULL PAYMENT (For confirmed Bookings) or through Booking Guarantee payment (For Booking Requests)

Basic “BOOK-NOW R&FA” Software Includes
» Maintenance
» linking “BOOK-NOW R&FA” module to resorts and serviced furnished apartments’ website.
» Adding to Hotel’s Website the functionality to:
    • Search for availability for different units types
    • Book or send Booking Requests
    • Online Payment
    • Send Upgrades and changes to Confirmed Bookings
    • Booking cancellations including any charges according to resorts and serviced furnished apartments seasonal policies
» Support 1 year FREE updates
» Training
» Financial Clearing through National Commercial Bank (NCB), Saudi Arabia.

Additional Services and Packages <optional>
» Website Design, Development, and Launching
» Hosting
» Internet Marketing
» Integrated Accounting system

Why “BOOK-NOW R&FA” is essential to Resorts & Serviced Furnished Apartments Suppliers
» Build your seasons, list your policies, and assign availability.
» Accept online inquiries and bookings over the Internet.
» Online payment gateway that transfer directly to your Account.

“BOOK-NOW R&FA” Options
Option A: Purchase Product
Option B: Subscribe to Service

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